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Legal Services, Legal Advice, and Professional Legal Aid

Legal Services

Criminal Law

We act as legal representatives of offended minors or adults, as well as in the defense of accused minors and adults in criminal proceedings.

We particularly specialize in defense and representation in criminal proceedings related to criminal offenses against public traffic safety.

Our criminal law attorneys are here to help you assert your rights, whether you are the victim or the perpetrator of a crime or any other act punishable by law.

Our services in criminal proceedings include:

Misdemeanor Procedure

Our legal team deals with the defense of legal and natural persons as defendants for all types of misdemeanors provided for by misdemeanor legislation, before all misdemeanor authorities, including both the Misdemeanor Court and the authorities of the police administration.

The services we provide in misdemeanor proceedings include:

Damages Compensation

Our team of lawyers provides representation in proceedings to realize the right to compensation for damages, whether tangible or intangible, before courts and insurance companies. We specialize in obtaining compensation for damages resulting from traffic accidents, in collaboration with experts possessing special knowledge and experience to safeguard our clients' rights.

In recent years, we've achieved significant success in representing clients in disputes against banks related to complaints arising from concluded loan agreements.

The services we provide in the procedures for realizing the right to damages compensation include:

Family Law

The Law office Marinela Ljubic Todoran has extensive experience in the field of Family Law, which has been acquired over the years through representation in proceedings related to family relations. We particularly emphasize our representation in disputes related to divorce, child custody, domestic violence, deprivation of legal capacity, as well as procedures for establishing and denying paternity and maternity, among others.

Family disputes are highly sensitive and complex, often involving children. Therefore, our Family Law lawyers approach these disputes with special attention and a great deal of empathy.

Services and Legal Assistance Provided in the Field of Family Law:

Inheritance Law

The Law office Marinela Ljubic Todoran has extensive experience and offers a wide range of services and legal assistance in the field of Inheritance Law:

Our Inheritance Law lawyers ensure that all our clients receive fair treatment and secure their inheritance rights according to the applicable laws of the Republic of Serbia.

Contract Law

The Law office Marinela Ljubic Todoran provides services for drafting all types of contracts, contract annexes, and pre-contracts. This includes, but is not limited to, real estate purchase and sale contracts, loan contracts, gift contracts, life support contracts, property distribution contracts, and real estate lease contracts.

Services and Legal Assistance in the Field of Contract Law:

Our lawyers have extensive experience in Contract Law and are dedicated to ensuring that clients' rights and interests are fully protected through the drafting of each contract, thereby minimizing the possibility of future disputes.

Executive Law

Our law office provides a wide range of services in the field of Executive Law (execution and collection of claims).

Lawyer services and legal assistance we provide in the field of Executive Law:

With great success, we represent clients in the area of ​​debt collection and we try to provide them with adequate legal assistance and support during the entire process, with the aim of realizing the rights to all unpaid claims that belong to them by law.

Labor Law

Our team of lawyers has many years of experience in Labor Law, encompassing representation and advice for employers, as well as the preservation and protection of employees' rights.

Protection and Rights of Employers

We provide consulting services for employers regarding the daily issues that arise in employer-employee relationships. We also offer services for compiling and drafting comprehensive work documentation for legal entities, including the drafting of contracts, regulations, and other general and individual legal documents. Our services include:

Protection and Rights of Employees

Throughout our many years of practice, we have successfully assisted numerous employees in better protecting their rights. This includes cases of illegal dismissal, reinstatement of employees, payment of unpaid wages, jubilee awards, transportation costs, holiday pay, and meal allowances. Additionally, we represent employees in cases related to mobbing, workplace discrimination, and other workplace abuses. Our services include:

Real Estate and Facility Construction

The team at Marinela Ljubic Todoran Law Office offers a wide range of legal services in the field of real estate and construction.

Our real estate lawyers are always prepared to apply their many years of professional experience in construction and real estate transactions, alongside their legal expertise, to support clients at every stage of construction and real estate transactions. This support extends from negotiations, through transactions, to the final transfer of ownership rights (i.e., completion of construction), and includes assistance with any potential disputes.

Our services encompass comprehensive legal and tax analysis, as well as the representation of clients before business partners and relevant authorities (such as cadastre, secretariats, directorates, etc.) in matters related to property rights acquisition, real estate leasing, land use, construction, and site development.

Administrative Law

The Marinela Ljubic Todoran Law Office offers comprehensive legal assistance and representation services in administrative proceedings and administrative disputes before all ministries, state, provincial, and local self-government bodies.

We particularly emphasize our representation before the Republic Geodetic Authority, the Tax Administration, the Health Fund, the Pension and Disability Insurance Fund, and the Agency for Business Registers.

In our practice thus far, we have been dedicated to representing our senior citizens in proceedings to realize their rights to third-party care, pensions, and adequate health insurance, ensuring the protection of their rights in pension and mandatory social insurance matters.

Additionally, we have years of experience representing farmers and agricultural enterprises, safeguarding and establishing their rights before competent authorities of local self-government, the Provincial Secretariat for Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Management, and the Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management, and Forestry. We also represent them in procedures to realize their rights to state aid and subsidies, assisting in the submission of necessary requests, filing appeals against decisions, and conducting administrative disputes to protect our clients' interests.

Some of the services and legal assistance we provide within the framework of Administrative Law:

Representing citizens before the cadastre (RGZ - Republic Geodetics Institute)

The law office of Marinela Ljubic Todoran in Pancevo has concluded a contract with RGZ - Republic Geodetic Institute on the use of the E-counter application. Thus, our office has the status of a professional user, which enables us to access the Geodetic Cadastral Information System. Through the e-counter system, the office submits various requests on behalf of its clients, inspects the cadastre, downloads data and electronic documents related to registration and data maintained by the RGZ in the cases in which we represent our clients.

You can find out more about the e-counter and how our law office can represent you in all matters before the cadastre.

Commercial Law

Our law office provides comprehensive legal support to business entities within the domain of Commercial Law. This includes both domestic and foreign corporations, companies, associations, institutions, foundations, organizations, and other business entities. Our services encompass establishing and organizing management structures, ensuring compliance with regulations, preparing and analyzing status documentation, drafting contracts in the business sector, and providing support in their implementation.

Some of the services and legal assistance we offer in the field of Commercial Law:

Property Law

Our team of lawyers provides legal services in the domain of Property Law. This includes representing clients with property rights to immovable property, drafting various contracts and agreements, as well as representing clients in all types of disputes related to immovable property. These disputes may include issues related to interference with possession, transfer of possession, and determination of property rights.

Attorney's Fee

Lawyer’s fees are determined by the Tariff on rewards and expenses for the work of lawyers published on December 24, 2012, in the 'Official Gazette of RS,' no. 121/2012. According to the current law of the Republic of Serbia, all lawyers in the Republic of Serbia are obliged to adhere to the price list for lawyer's work.

A lawyer can, in writing, agree with a party on a fee amount that is lower or higher than the amount prescribed by the Lawyer's Tariff.

Questions Related to Services, Legal Advice, and Professional Legal Assistance

If you have any additional questions regarding our lawyers' services or need legal assistance and advice, please don't hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or the contact form provided on our website. Our office hours are from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM every working day.