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E-counter: Registration in the real estate cadastre

From November 4, 2023, citizens of Serbia will be able to register in the real estate cadastre through the e-counter, with the support of lawyers and geodetic organisations. This method of registration in the cadastre should improve the process of registration in the cadastre, and will also save citizens' time. In addition, this registration method reduces the risk of falsification of documents, since information is transferred in electronic format, and experts check their validity.

What is registration in the real estate cadastre?

Registration in the real estate cadastre is the process of recording real estate data, such as ownership, rights and changes. In this way, it is ensured that the information is always correct and valid.

What is digital registration in the real estate cadastre?

Enrollment in the real estate cadastre through the e-counter is the process of registering and recording information about real estate electronically, i.e. digitally, instead of the traditional way, by physically going to the counter.

This approach enables citizens to electronically submit documentation and registration requests with the help of lawyers and geodetic organisations, as well as to communicate online with relevant institutions regarding ownership and rights to real estate.

What is an e-counter?

E-counter is a digital system that enables online communication between citizens, professional users and the cadastre and enables registration in the cadastre electronically.

Who are the professional users of the e-counter?

Professional users of the e-counter are lawyers and geodetic organisations who have access to the system in order to submit requests, check data and perform all activities related to registration in the cadastre.

Is there an E-counter for citizens?

No, citizens cannot independently register in the cadastre and do not have direct access to the e-counter. Citizens submit documentation to professional users of the e-counter system (lawyers and geodetic organisations), who further perform registration on behalf of citizens.

Advantages of digital registration in the cadastre from 04.11.2023.

The new changes in the legislative framework bring with them a number of advantages. By digital means, falsification of old documents is prevented, and their validity is checked by experts, providing citizens with additional security.

How does online registration in the cadastre work?

This new digital approach allows citizens to submit requests exclusively online through professional e-counter users.

Types of registration in the real estate cadastre

The law on the procedure for registration in the cadastre of real estate and utilities defines four basic types of registration:

Each of these types of registration relates to different aspects of real estate ownership and rights and has specific procedures and requirements that are now facilitated by digitization.

Lawyer e-counter: Representation before the cadastre

Lawyers, as professional users of the real estate cadastre e-counter, can submit various requests on behalf of citizens and represent them before the Cadastre.

That includes:

Law offices perform all these procedures faster and more efficiently thanks to the digital e-counter system.

Geodetic e-counter: Requests of Geodetic Organizations for registration in the real estate cadastre

Geodetic organisations can also use the e-counter to submit requests. This includes parcel mergers, parcel splits, object data changes and other surveying activities. All these changes contribute to the up-to-dateness and accuracy of spatial information.

Real estate registration procedure

The procedure for registering real estate in the cadastre is carried out through the e-counter, where parties with the help of professional e-counter users can submit requests or request insight into various information. The legal basis for the registration of rights over immovable property can be different, including contracts of sale, gift, court decisions and other relevant documents.

The e-counter allows lawyers and geodetic organisations to electronically submit requests and communicate with the Republic Geodetic Institute. This system also provides insight into the complete communication history, making it easy to track the processing status of a case.

Law office of Marinela Ljubic Todoran in Pancevo - E-counter

The law office of Marinela Ljubic Todoran in Pancevo has successfully concluded an agreement on the access and use of the E-counter system of the Republic Geodetic Institute. The office has the status of a professional user and through the E-counter application accesses the Geodetic Cadastral Information System in order to submit various requests on behalf of citizens.

Law office of Marinela Ljubic Todoran Pancevo, represents citizens before the cadastre for:

We especially emphasise the representation of foreign citizens before the cadastre and other state and administrative bodies in all procedures related to the rights and obligations they may have in connection with real estate in the Republic of Serbia.

What a lawyer needs for an e-counter: originals and power of attorney

Citizens who want to register in the cadastre can contact our law office. You need to contact us for an agreement and then provide us with the:

You can submit the documentation by post, email or personally coming to our office in Pancevo.

The e-counter of the RGZ (Republic Geodetic Institute) provides users with a safe, simple and efficient way of electronic communication. With the help of a lawyer, citizens can track the history of communication, the submission of documents, as well as the current status of case processing. All this provides citizens with a comprehensive picture of digital registration in the cadastre in a simple and fast way.

If you have doubts about the necessary documentation or how to obtain it, you can contact our law office by email or phone every day from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.